Taxi Light as a Landing Light?

  I didn't even use it at night for taxing unless it was an uncontrolled or poorly lit field. We were often at busier fields and I was told to leave it off as a courtesy to other pilots. Somehow I doubt my (what seems like) 50 watt night light (taxi light...) is going to burn anyones eyes out, but I could see fine without the light so it there was no sense in arguing.
As for the lights, the Taxi Light you can see as soon as you turn it on is more for lighting up the taxiway. When you turn on the landing light you notice it barely touches the taxiway.
I am only speculating but I think the taxi light is a wide beam short range light that wouldn't be seen at nearly the distance that a landing light can be seen. The taxi light also being angled down would reduce the intensity of that light from a distant viewer where as the landing light basically points into other pilots eyes so they can see you.
That was my understanding of the difference between the 2, any aircraft light technicians here that can verify if what I learned was right?

20.11.10 08:49


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