dpa-AFX Overview: ANALYST RATINGS dated 03/18/2011(1)


FRANKFURT - The Equinet Investment Bank, the classification for Adidas after the latest quarterly report from Nike to "Accumulate"to leave with a target price of 55.00 euros. The numbers of U.S. rival had been lower than Cheap Nike Air Yeezy initially expected by the market and certainly less conducive to the Adidas-course analyst Ingbert Faust wrote in a study on Friday. The concerns about rising production costs should increase. Adidas should be able to compensate this pressure but above all thanks to the successful turnaround at its U.S. subsidiary Reebok, the fist was confident.


PARIS - The French investment bank Cheuvreux, the classification for Adidas by numbers of competitor Nike on "Selected List"to leave with a target price of 60.00 euros. The third quarter of the U.S. competitors have disappointed and could dampen the mood for the whole sector, analyst Juergen Kolb wrote in a study on Friday. He referred, however, also point out that Nike made
​​to provide high air freight costs and expenses for the new logistics center in China. These were Discount Nike Air Yeezy factors that played no role at Adidas. In addition, the U.S. subsidiary Reebok serve as a cushion for the gross margins. Nike did not have such an advantage.



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