Dax is (almost) out of breath

Good standards in America and Asia, no bad news from Japan, plus a turn-of Libya's Gaddafi in power: the investors could be Discount Nike Air Max TN 8 satisfied. For a long time, they are, too - only to end trade, if the mood.

The prospect of an end to the fighting in Libya and the hope for progress in the efforts to cool the Japanese nuclear plants have Discount Nike Air Max TN 2 the Fukushima Dax given a significant boost on Friday. The German blue-chip index moved up on 6761 meters - in the end he finished with 6664 points but only 0.1 percent firmer. Profit-taking and close out positions before the weekend, according to market participants were the reason for the melting of the gain in the German blue-chip index.

The MDAX closed 1.2 percent higher at 9854 points. The TecDAX turned to interim losses back into positive territory and 0.5 per cent was Cheap Nike Air Max TN 8 more from the market at 868 meters.

"The mood rises and falls with the news from Japan," said one trader. "Investors remain nervous because ultimately no one knows if the worst case scenario can be averted real or not."


21.3.11 09:16


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